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With an open mind and a healthy dose of curiosity and originality

Chivasso Living is a fabrics collection of dazzling colours, patterns and structures. The ends of the spectrum, no longer stand opposite, but now attract each other. Create your own magical backdrop for living, with this collection of enchanting fabrics.

Retrospective and seemingly classic designs were reworked to create exciting richly coloured prints on luxurious linens and cottons. A good selection of timeless basics was updated with new colours. An extensive set of soft flowing sheers, in muted and neutral colours, was added to form the basis of your interior. Use these different fabrics together with your own treasures to create a calm and harmonic total.

With the alluring patterns of flowers and birds, tough denim-like qualities, whimsical sheers and fun frivolous designs it is easy to make a statement. Dream a little more and create your own garden of eden with this fanciful collection: "Chivasso Living".

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Blue Living

From the runways of Paris and Milan to your sofa, denim remains a classic design favourite. Now choose one of the chic washed out indigo blues or dusty pastels in the ‘Vintage Washed’ collection and combine with other plain fabrics or with robust checks and stripe designs from the ‘Spirit’ collection.

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Inspiration for the eclectic print collection was found deep in the rainforests of South East Asia and South America. Exotic blooms and iridescent colours were chosen to and stylized into new exciting patterns. Adore exquisite flowers and magnificent birds that modelled for these designs.

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In nature birds and flowers provide us with a very wide spectrum of vibrant colours that stand out amongst the deep green hues of the foliage. Sometimes these iridescent tones and intricate patterns on wings and petals, seem unnatural and and almost synthetic. To pay hommage to these wonderful intrepid patterns and colours we have created these prints in a range of vibrant colours.

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With an open mind and a healthy dose of curiosity and originality. The ends of the spectrum, no longer stand opposite, but now attract each other. Create with celadon your own magical backdrop for living.

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Create a subtle sense of privacy with beautiful soft transparant and semitransparant sheers. This collections includes several different sheer room-high qualities. Structured fabrics with a slight crushed effect are combined with smooth fabrics in a range of subtle neutral colours. The fabrics are versatile an beautiful and are produced using material combinations such as linen and polyester.

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A timeless beauty and gives any interior a relaxed laid-back yet chic charm. The fabric has been dyed in a range of bold and muted colours. It can be used for durable upholstery or for curtains and cushions.

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This is a small selection of the different prints, patterns, colours and textures you will find in the Chivasso Living fabrics collection. Be inspired and discover the wonderful and varied world of Chivasso.

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